Engineering Consultants, Inc.

From the President

I'm personally amazed by how much we have accomplished as human beings on this planet.  From the 1940's invention of a transistor, we have created microprocessors and other amazing technology that we would have a hard time living without.  It is the same technology that makes being a civil engineer an amazing field right now. 

Fearing that "the employee" will someday sabotage the company, most firms withhold business knowledge and information as well as some of the little "tricks" of running and maintaining a successful business.  At CIVCON, you are taught business techniques, and urged to fly from the nest someday.  I'm not worried about someone I've trained taking a "future" customer from me.  We are a world on the move, constantly building, and changing the landscape of this amazing planet so there will always be plenty of civil engineering work.  And if they can steal a future customer from me then I've done my job properly in training them in both business and engineering.. very intimate, very invested, and very responsive.  It's very utilitarian at its roots, but that's me at my roots.  Not fluffed up marketing and unnecessary/high over-head.  We hope you give CIVCON a chance to bid your next project.  We will impress you with our client list, services, passion and knowledge.  I promise!


Frank R. Villanti, P.E.