Engineering Consultants, Inc.


CIVCON was formed to fill a gap in the engineering consulting world that has yet to be matched by any other civil engineering firm around.  While the quality of engineering can be seen through successful construction and buildable design without conflicts or change orders, getting the service and information you need in a timely fashion cannot be understated in the client-consultant relationship.  Personal service is something that is highlighted by many competitive engineering firms at the front of the relationship, but rarely delivered in a sustainable way.  Today's world is a world on the move.  People are coming and going in every direction and need information as quickly as possible.  CIVCON understands that when you make a phone call to get an answer, the last thing you want to do is leave a voicemail and wait hours for a response, when you could be moving to the next task on your to-do list.  You will deal with qualified professional engineers and a hands-on approach from the president himself, which has lead to the great success of the company in a short period of time.

Do you remember the old gas station on the corner?  The one that keeps an air hose outside and doesn't charge you for air since you're already spending money at their shop.  That's CIVCON.  We do a full service civil job for less money than the competition and provide a better service, much akin to the local service station.  We know stuff moves around and we know we'll have to revise other related documents.  Why would we charge you?  Do you remember when the huge corporation replaced the old beloved gas station on the corner?  They took away the service but provided a fancy coffee stand with marble floors.  That's our competition.  Charging you for air and employing people who can't possibly make you the priority that an owner or profit sharing partner will.  We are positioned beautifully in a market where people wish they had the local store back, and trading in SUV's for sleeker more energy efficient cars.  CIVCON is the sleeker more energy efficient car.    

When it comes to the intimacy of service provided, CIVCON has a small business mentaility and focuses all the energy, capital, and resources in a way to sustain satisfaction that will not fade over time.  The office equipment and software used by the firm are state of the art and constantly upgraded.  Investing capital into highly advanced technological equipment instead of renting "high end" retail space with marble floors leaves us with more resources and available "billable time" per project to provide a service far beyond what you can obtain from the competition. 

CIVCON's home office is currently in the authentic city of Lakewood where a warm, friendly, and inviting environment can be found.